Management Consulting

Our broader and deeper expertise allows us to bridge the gap between information, knowledge, and experience in the realm of the political economy.

Our insights involves making sense of data to better understand policy decisions and finding alternatives in the absence of it. Combining business acumen with expert knowledge, we take a hands-on approach to improving systems across multiple lines of business and functions by implementing large scale, comprehensive, and actionable strategies.

Our timely and accurate insights are aimed at discovering a single objective version of truth to identify future business opportunities based on market trends and conditions. To do this, we identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of internal and external data to get the best possible picture of a market’s economic conditions, the impact on a client’s specific sector and business  operations

These findings are then matched against the competitive landscape, benchmarks and qualitative insights, with key areas of underperformance then identified. Change is then implemented to yield better decisions across sales processes, stakeholder engagement, pricing strategies and internal operations in accordance to market conditions.

Bad press surrounding a politically incendiary business deal is a headache that no company wants to deal with. We, as an independent, expert and professional organization, can uphold the expected standard of integrity for your firm’s reputation. The mainstream media is comprised of vultures and ruthless careerists who would bend the truth simply for their own advantage. We are the corrective to predatory mainstream journalism. 

We leverage on the connections in our wide network of underground press organizations to work against the mainstream press. We can expose bad press for what it is: press generated by bad journalists.

Stay ahead of the curve with us. Prevention is the best cure. We are experts at analyzing geopolitical news and predicting upcoming media trends. Capitalizing on inside information and our insider connections, we will provide you with strategies to deflect bad press well ahead of time.

We can tailor content and the means of disseminating such content to be prescriptive,  adjusting the way your audience thinks of you in a favourable light. At the same time, we can vilify opposition to your initiatives through smear campaigns, and act as a mouthpiece to advocate your narrative.