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Combining cutting edge intelligence with exceptional talent, we advise clients in a wide array of sectors, helping them navigate geopolitical risk to leverage markets dynamics.




our Mission

We take a bottom up approach to helping businesses manage political problems in existing or new markets. 

Limitations do not define us. Rather, they challenge us to find solutions around the most challenging operating conditions. 




In line with our clients' strategy, we enable a full functional operational efficiency by bridging the gap between information, knowledge and experience in the realm of the political economy.

The complexities and nuances of engaging with governments not only requires exposure to the right networks but also an understanding of public policy and what motivates improvement.


We offer a clear and unequivocal understanding of geopolitical developments based on major turning points that centre on historical & economical-political and foreign policy contexts. A wide range of forecasts based on comprehensive analyses of apparent and not so apparent trends help anatomize the motivations of global stakeholders.

Market Entry

Operating in an unknown, unfamiliar jurisdiction requires a combination of the right due diligence measures, risk mitigation and crisis protocols, and engagement strategy.

Our bottom up approach incorporates all of the above with the aim of circumventing risk in so far as possible.


We act as intermediaries between a seller and a buyer across borders.

We do this by sourcing and verifying leads through private and government channels, make introductions and enter into negotiations to ensure a successful and uneventful completion of the transaction.


our solutions

We adopt a Business first approach layered with geopolitical expertise to solve for the toughest challenges. 

We focus first on understanding our client’s business model, aims and challenges before suggesting the next best course of action. 

Tracking of geopolitical risk is conducted through on the ground intelligence, trend analysis, country risk profiles by our network of highly esteemed experts. We then make use of data and information to execute a strategy to match the client’s business model and aspirations. 

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