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Combining cutting edge intelligence with exceptional talent, we advise clients in a wide array of sectors, helping them navigate geopolitical risk to leverage dynamic markets.

We propose innovative, actionable solutions and help clients implement them.


our Mission

In the face of geopolitical threats and disruption we identify opportunities by implementing the right due diligence measures, interpreting intelligence and leveraging our experience in managing disruption across various Industries, Sectors, Economies and Geographies. 

Our demonstrated track record of assisting businesses across a wide array of sectors in running successful operations inside the world’s most challenging operating environments positions us in the best way possible to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. 



Management Consulting: We advise clients on strategic decisions and their implementation to help them realize their business goals in relation to current stakeholder engagement efforts, reporting processes and sales & marketing strategies by identifying key areas of underperformance in relation to Marketing Analytics, the competitive landscape, benchmarks and qualitative insights.

Actionable Recommendations: Based on our findings, our solutions would involve implementing change with an eye to improving sales processes, stakeholder engagement, pricing strategies and internal operations.


Risk Mitigation: Through our Risk Advisory division, we engage in the Geopolitical Risk Monitoring & Assessment exercise to help clients mitigate and avoid risk when considering a new market opportunity, transaction or partnership.

Assessment & Monitoring: Changes to the political landscape, economic landscape, and legislative/ regulatory landscape leading up to a client's international expansion are monitored with the aim of predicting and anticipating any political & market trends that may not be immediately apparent.

Market Entry

Due Diligence and Feasibility: To facilitate a smooth transition into new market conditions, we work with executives from a parent company to design and implement sustainable growth strategies for the newly created subsidiary to avoid threats that were hitherto non-existent, increase its access to more revenue streams and customers, and outperform the competition, whilst retaining its founding principles.

Implementation: What sets us apart from other consultancies is our ability to engage stakeholders in foreign jurisdictions.


B2B leads: At Goliath Advisory, we go where opportunity is. For our clients, this means that we can broker agreements across any geography and act as a buffer between seller and buyer. Our past engagements have included successfully brokered agreements in Defence, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Maritime and International Trade.

PR Consulting: The nature of the sectors our clients operate in often results in politically incendiary business transactions. Our analysis of geopolitical news and media trends allows us to deflect predatory mainstream journalism, strategically upholding the expected integrity of a firm's reputation.


our solutions

We adopt a Business first approach layered with geopolitical expertise to solve for the toughest challenges. 

We focus first on understanding our client’s business model, aims and challenges before suggesting the next best course of action. 

Tracking of geopolitical risk is conducted through on the ground intelligence, trend analysis, country risk profiles by our network of highly esteemed expert. These include specialized brokers, intelligence officers and military personnel, former government officials, leading academics, analysts, consultants, geostrategic advisors and economists.  

We then make use of data and information to execute a strategy to match the client’s business model and aspirations. 

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