Connecting you to the rest of the world

We empower our clients to capitalize on opportunities in accordance with their risk appetite by acting as intermediaries between themselves and a third party. Our network of international brokers are operationally ready at a moment's notice such that language, geography or culture are no impediment. Executing your instructions while you plan and coordinate your resources not only mitigates against unnecessary risk, it minimizes disruption to your day to day operations.

International Opportunities

Sectors covered
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction 
  • Energy 
  • International Trade
  • Mining & Metals 
  • Maritime 
  • Oil & Gas  
Non-exhaustive range of services offered
  • Sourcing and verification of opportunities through private and political channels
  • Profiling of and engaging with politically exposed personnel
  • Acquisition of permits across various areas such as import-export, construction, mining and exploration. 
  • Integrity and compliance due diligence on stakeholders
  • Dealings with third party’s brokers 
  • Negotiation of concessions 
  • Strategic management of  negative publicity generated by politically incendiary business transactions