the world is your oyster

We address operational uncertainties underpinning the diversification into new frontiers by leveraging our deep technical expertise on geopolitics, domestic operating conditions, business practice risks, business dealings and national investment policies. The magnitude of risk and uncertainty associated with entering new markets is significantly reduced through the service offerings:

In assessing the long run prospects of a country shaped by its geopolitical environment, risk and opportunity is profiled based on our deep technical expertise of the following:

  • The stability of the political system and its political economy.
  • Research inputs and analyses on geopolitical trends based on political and cultural intricacies unique to the region. 
  • Assessment of historical and contemporary developments and their corresponding impact on the region.
  • Assessment of economic and political stakeholders.
  • The target market’s international relations and its integration with the global economy.  
  • National Investment Policies.
  • Control mechanisms affecting foreign investors such as regulatory changes, objections to foreign takeover attempts etc.
  • Identifying key political characters involved in policy making and their influence on market outcomes. 
  • Identifying other operational challenges that are necessary to ensure a smooth transition into the target market. 

Domestic operating conditions are evaluated for their compatibility with our client’s existing business model to determine if a new market is the right medium to realize particular business ambitions.  

  • Past, present and future market size & trends.
  • The country’s competitive landscapes.
  • Regulatory and Political patterns in relation to election cycles.

This involves the use of qualitative methods such as focus group discussions, key stakeholder interviews to uncover undetected trends. Research leads will come from journalists, academics, think tanks, international organizations, ministers and diplomats in government.

We assess the target country’s international development, through macroeconomic trends and regional indicators such as GDP growth, employment rates, inflation and foreign investment to analyze the short, medium and long term returns on investment. 

Based on geopolitical due diligence, evaluation of domestic policies supplemented by on the ground intelligence and market analysis, we get a full understanding of what the operating conditions are like.

With this, profile all known risks that apply specifically to foreign market players (eg. SOEs, Merger controls, naturalization of natural resources) and formulate risk mitigation strategies. 

To facilitate a smooth transition into new market conditions, we work with executives from a parent company to design and implement sustainable growth strategies for the newly created subsidiary to avoid threats that were hitherto non-existent, increase its access to more revenue streams and customers, and outperform the competition, whilst retaining its founding principles.

This involves planning the best market entry modes whilst profiling all arms of government to establish links across relevant personnel to get the quickest possible market access that is planned, controlled and effective. Partnership building is the final step involved to work with key actors to oversee the final transition.