Geopolitical risk advisory

Staying ahead of economic trends in the 21st century requires business owners to prepare for frequent and rapid changes to the global political landscape. While the full extent of such geopolitical disruption is only known until much later, what is certain is that disruption to global markets would inevitably lead to reduction in profits, impediments to the movement of human capital, market instability, and increased costs of doing business.

navigating geopolitical risk


Disruption when improperly managed can lead to severe consequences such as expropriation, political violence, currency inconvertibility, non-honouring of contracts, reputational risks, anti-competitive behaviour instigated by the state, or naturalization of resources.

We leverage on our deep market insights and understanding of macro signs to evaluate the impact of global forces on strategic opportunity, risk involved and to develop new systems and practices that are more congruent to new market conditions. In the assessment of a business’ vulnerabilities to threats and risks, we minimize risk exposure in anticipation of a crisis situation with the view to crisis response and recovery. 

When properly managed, the impact of disruption arising from geopolitical tensions, economic powers and trade policy can be significantly reduced. 


Geopolitical Risk Monitoring & Assessment

We anticipate market trends that are not immediately apparent by analyzing the interplay between future market trends and political catalysts. Unmitigated geopolitical risk jeopardizes potential revenue generating opportunities, transactions and partnerships in existing and new markets.

We are experts at monitoring changes to political, economic and regulatory frameworks affected by present and future policy drivers. In the assessment of such risks, we conduct baseline studies and early warning reports whilst keeping track of critical developments.