Who we are

Goliath Advisory is an avant-garde Geopolitical Risk advisory that specializes in assisting businesses operate in the most challenging operational conditions in the world.

Our Management Consultancy division advises clients on strategic decisions and their implementation to help them realize their business goals in relation to current stakeholder engagement efforts, reporting processes and sales & marketing strategies by identifying key areas of underperformance in relation to Marketing Analytics, the competitive landscape, benchmarks and qualitative insights. Based on our findings, our solutions would involve implementing change with an eye to improving sales processes, stakeholder engagement, pricing strategies and internal operations.

Through our Risk Advisory division, we engage in the Geopolitical Risk Monitoring & Assessment exercise to help clients mitigate and avoid risk when considering a new market opportunity, transaction or partnership. To fulfil this aim, our due diligence efforts are aimed at identifying and then connecting government entities and key political personalities with clients to help cushion the client’s entry in relation to microeconomic & macroeconomic conditions. We would then forecast scenarios & engage in the planning exercise based on various political & policy drivers to identify risks and opportunities. Changes to the political landscape, economic landscape, and legislative/ regulatory landscape leading up to a client's international expansion are monitored with the aim of predicting and anticipating any political & market trends that may not be immediately apparent.

In conjunction with our Market Entry arm, our Brokerage division connects capital and opportunities across geographies; we act as an intermediary between our clients and other third parties, minimizing their risk exposure through our results-oriented approach. We are also fully capable of dealing with negative publicity surrounding politically incendiary business transactions given our expertise at analyzing geopolitical news and predicting upcoming media trends. At Goliath Advisory, we can uphold the expected standard of integrity for any firm's reputation by being corrective to often misinformed mainstream journalism.

Our strategy and core values have allowed us to build an extensive customer base with institutional clients across the world including technology, mining & metals, oil & gas, energy, international trade, construction, maritime, and high net worth individuals.

Our commitment to our clients, unique business model, and strong reputation have made us an attractive and reliable partner for business associates and talented professionals. We are goliath; big, powerful, influential.

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